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Believe it or not, your inner world determines your outer world. That’s right-whatever you have right now: the house you live in, the car you drive, the food you eat, the income you make, the friends you have, the relationships you have, and others, are all reflections of how you think.

Your mind is the prime mover of your life. Your life is shaped by the ideas flowing through your head and, most importantly, the ideas you choose to hang on to. Unfortunately, too many people let this process take place on auto-piliot. They just let it happen automatically.


They stand aside and they let ‘life take its course.’ it’s like they are merely passengers in their lives and someone else, or some other circumstances are doing the driving. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture/? No wonder Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that most people live ‘lives of quiet desperation.’

If you want to get the results you want in your life, especially when it comes to money, you need to be more active. You need to take control. And the most important and effective way you can do this is to be conscious about your mindset. What kind of mindset do you subscribe to?… Click Here to Keep Reading...

There I said it. There is no such thing as free online traffic. I can’t repeat that enough. I just hope enough people would listen. Sadly, the first instinct a newbie gets when trying to make money online is how to get his or her hands on some of that yummy free web traffic.

Well, the hard reality is that there is no such thing as free. You’ll be paying in one form or another. Just as there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is no such thing as free traffic. Why? You have to trade in another asset just to generate this ‘free’ traffic.

You Pay in Time

One of the biggest assets you have is your time. Time, after all, is money. You have to pay attention to the proper value of your time. The more you spend doing something, the more time you’re not doing something else. In many cases, you might be making more money if you did something else.

This is the classical economics concept of ‘opportunity costs.’ And, boy, are there lots of opportunity costs when it comes to ‘free’ web traffic. Let’s face it, you will be spending lots of time and energy trying to figure out where the free web traffic is, coming up with ways to divert some of that traffic your way, and then fine tuning your volume.… Click Here to Keep Reading...

We’d like to believe that we’re all special and we stand apart from the crowd. We’d like to believe that we’re individuals and we are unique. Well, we are more than welcome to think this way but it isn’t true. Studies show that most humans have basic biases.

Most people share these biases and they don’t differ all that much from person to person. In fact, the differences are not in terms of kind but degree. For example, when people tell us that we have a great house, we almost feel compelled to tell them what’s wrong about it instead of simply saying ‘Thank you.’

On the other hand, if a particularly tactless person says that our house doesn’t look all that good, we bend over backwards justifying why the house is great. That’s how the human mind works.

There’s a dance between ego and our ability to come up with excuses or justifications. This is not just an interesting psychology tidbit. These biases actually can help you make quite a bit of money through online marketing.

By learning to recognize and exploit these human biases, you can make more money off less traffic. You can squeeze more profits out of every hour of effort you spend on your online properties-whether you make money through sales pages, landing pages, or ad clicks.… Click Here to Keep Reading...

You’ve probably heard about all those super successful blog which earn money in the hundreds of thousands every year.

The secret to their success is that they are very good at making customers come to them. On the other hand, there are many unsuccessful bloggers out there and their failure is due to the way they invariably turn off their potential customers by being too overbearing and aggressive.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing and would like to entice customers and not push them away, here are the key concepts to keep in mind:

1. Create lots of quality content before you even ask for payment. As a blogger, you are in a position to forge a powerful and intimate relationship with your visitors. That’s how you should think of them first.

Don’t think of them as customers right away. So the question that you should be asking your visitors is: What can I do to help you? That’s the impression you want them to get.

You don’t want to send out a vibe as if you’re asking: How can I make money off you? That kind of vibe will really drive them off.… Click Here to Keep Reading...

How To Start a Blog

Successful bloggers may talk about different things and make money through different ways, but essentially they go about things the same way. If you want to be a super successful blogger, learn from the best.

If you need to have a step by step guide to create a successful blog from scratch you should check the below tutorials.

how to start a blog

If you already know how to setup a blog and ready to go ahead, here are the tips from successful bloggers that they wish they got when they first started:

1. Have a plan. Concentrate on just one blog first, and have a firm idea on what your aims are and what you need to achieve those aims. Hoping for lots of money is not a bad thing, but hoping for the best and making things up as you go along is not a great business plan.

2. Know your customer. Simply trying to sell stuff to everyone is not the way to go. Do your research and find out what products or services your niche market needs, and then be the one to provide them. It’s impossible to solve everyone’s problem; you can solve a pressing problem of a few.… Click Here to Keep Reading...