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Goals are the roadmap to our future – mine and yours. Let’s assess a variety of different kinds of goals…

Types of Goals

Family – spouse and children

It’s actually a good idea to have a family get-together to discuss goals to find out what everyone in the immediate family want in life.

At first, your kids will wonder what’s going on, but down the road, it’s a great way to teach the kids how to set goals and the importance for doing so. Just put it down to one of the more important of life lessons, if you will.

If you can create this habit for your children from an early age, then their lives will be far better because of it.

Personal – physical and/ or health

With respect to health, you do want to make sure that you are keeping your body in good physical shape.

It’s all too often that our health gets caught up with work and family, and we tend to neglect it because we are too busy.

But maintaining your health does have a definite benefit on your capacity to work on your business, and on other factors in your life too.

Business – career and financial

This is the aspect to our lives that most people think about when setting goals. And it’s obvious why we need to have business goals so no further explanation required here about that.

Spiritual – religious or general spiritual beliefs

Social goals – friends and community

Goal Time Frames

Short Term Goals

  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Monthly goals

Daily goals – you want to set at least 6 daily goals. Even if you don’t achieve them on that particular day, just keep working away at them regardless.

Weekly goals – a good time to set the weekly goals is at the end of the week when you are undergoing the weekly review. You need to assess how things have shaped up during the week and perhaps reassess your goals based on that progress.

Monthly goals – review your monthly goals at month-end, and then set new goals accordingly for the following month.

Long-term goals

  • Quarterly goals
  • Annual goals
  • 3 to 5 year goals
  • 10 year goals

Quarterly goals are perhaps more short-term, depending on your perspective.

Annual goals are mid- to long-term goals.

10 year goals are where you’re talking more about life-time goals. Where you have a mission to do something with your life.

The thing is with goals is that when you look back and you are not happy with respect to where you are now, then you’ve either not set your goals, or you’ve not fulfilled them.

Setting goals is all about having structure in your life. Structure allows you to see where you are now, where you were before, and where you are going to go in future. And it also allows you to correct the course when you get off course.

When things don’t go your way, you can either cross it off the list of goals or re-evaluate it. The more you review your goals, then the more aware you are of what it is that you actually want in life.

And that changes on a regular basis, which is why goals should be reviewed frequently.

The Magic “W” System

  • What do you really want? Brainstorming session.
  • Why do you really want it? What is your burning desire?

An example of this might be giving up smoking. If you are a smoker, you have to quit for yourself – not for your spouse, not for your kids.

If they continue to nag you about it, it’s not enough reason for you to give up. You need to want to quit for yourself. It has to be your final decision.

The same might be said about losing weight. If that’s a goal for you, then you have to want to lose weight for yourself, not for other people.

Ultimately, it’s your decision and it’s not up to other people to make that decision for you. If you don’t really want it, and you don’t have that burning desire, then the likelihood of achievement is very small.

  • Write it all down and be very specific.

The more specific you are, the easier it is to obtain your goals. It’s like having a road map, so you can easily find your way from point A to point B etc.

  • Figure out a time-frame. When will you reach your goal/s?

Don’t just say that you want to make a million dollars. When are you going to do it? How are you going to do it? Be specific.

  • What are you going to give in return for reaching your goal/s?

There’s some form of payment to be made. What are you going to give in return for achieving your goals? Most of the time, a payment is made in terms of the amount of time investment you’re going to need, although it can include a number of things – time investment, money investment, you name it…

  • Write out a clear goal or success statement.

It’s recommended here that you take the goal that is the biggest priority for you right now. Then, put a statement together for that goal. It’s probably advisable to have a long-term goal for your success statement, while at the same time, always continuing to review your other goals.

  • Work day and night, and read the statement out loud to yourself.

Take this statement to heart and understand fully that you will achieve it. After a few days of reading and thinking about your statement, it will become embedded in your brain.

You will no longer have to read it off the paper that you wrote it on. You will know that statement inside and out.

As by way of example of a success statement:

My ultimate goal is to achieve a passive income each year which adds up to $100,000. By doing this, I will achieve financial security for both myself and my family.

I will have more time to spend with the family, and also more time to travel. I wish to achieve this by mid-2015 – July 31, and am prepared to devote an extra 4 hours daily to the pursuit of this goal. I will also look for business partners to help me to accomplish this if and when the need arises.

This is a goal, and this is also a goal statement.

Once again, it’s worth posting this goal statement everywhere – around your home, in your office space, in the car, wherever.

If you practice what you preach, you will for sure see improvements in your life. And it doesn’t have to be about money. It doesn’t have to be about your new business, your online marketing business, or any of that. It can be about anything at all in your life that’s important to you.

If you use the system that we’re discussing here, you will ultimately find success in life, no matter what that success represents for you.

And do keep in mind that it’s not just about the achievement. It is about the continuous journey towards the achievement. Once you achieve a goal, you continue on the journey to achieving further goals, on and on…

Practical Action Steps

  • Begin with your 3 to 5 year goal (or even your 10-year goal) and work back.

Start with the big goals first, and then work back. You’ll tend to find that the other goals that you have fall into line as you progress through the plan for your 3 to 5 year goal plan.

  • Separate your long-term goals from your short-term goals.

You can do this in any way that you prefer. If you like writing on a pad of paper, then that’s great. If you prefer to do it using Notepad or MS Word on your computer, then fine.

If you want to use a software program of some form, then that’s your call. The good thing about doing this on the computer is that you can print off numerous copies as and when you wish.

  • Review all the goals twice each day.

By doing this, you are programming your subconscious mind, and putting your goals continuously at the forefront of your mind.

You can do this in the morning, and then again in the evening. The reason why I’d recommend doing it both in the morning and the evening is that this is when your subconscious is the most in-tune with what it is that you have to do.

Your subconscious works continuously and you can’t stop that process. Nevertheless, you have the best ability to tap into the subconscious at those times of the day/ night.

The other good thing about repeating this to yourself just prior to going to bed is that you are giving your subconscious things to work on while you are asleep.

After a while, what you’ll find is that sometimes, when you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning, you’ll have some great ideas. So I suggest that you put your subconscious to work at night, and you’ll achieve some really amazing results by doing so.

  • Formulate the Success Statement – the goal with the largest priority and most desire for it to be achieved.

Basically, what you want to do is to read this statement over and over to yourself until it’s engrained within your mind. After you do this for merely a few days, you’ll begin to memorize it, and that’s what you want to achieve.

  • Write down those ideas as they formulate, as a way to achieve your goals.

As you do this and as you begin to alter your normal routine through adding these practices, you’re going to see a number of things change.

You’ll begin having ideas that you usually would not have. And you’ll find yourself having a new and rejuvenated energy that you never before realized was within you.

Many people have said that when they do this they feel a whole new level of excitement and energy. They say that they look forward to waking up in the morning, where before it was just another day.

They say that they look forward to working their business. This level of enthusiasm will serve to drive the success to you rather than you always running after it. You become a “magnet” for your own success.

  • Develop in-depth weekly and monthly reviews.

You can of course have quarterly reviews and annual reviews. You need to treat your business as a business. You are the boss of your business, after all. So hold meetings with yourself.

  • Update and tweak your goals as and when needed – goes back to the Torpedo Principle.

The torpedo does not go straight for the target. It zigs and zags until it hits the target. Thus, what you need to do is to make the corrections as and when required in order to get back on course.

  • Add new goals as the other goals are achieved. Keep records of your achievements via monthly reviews.

As you accomplish your goals, make notes of the goals when you do accomplish them. What this does is to help to build your confidence levels.

And by building on your levels of confidence, success comes to you so much easier than otherwise it would. It just seems to fall into your lap. So what we are doing here is to…

  • Create the success habit.

This is nothing other than a habit. Success becomes easy if you know how. So if you take the action and you put what we are talking about into motion and you implement it, then you will see success.

Sure, there are many people who will say that they tried this but it didn’t work. Well, it’s just not true. If you do this for 30 days, then I bid you to prove me wrong. You’ll see for yourself, but you do have to make a solid effort.

Outline your goals. Read them out loud every day. Focus on them. Just keep correcting them, tweaking them, and continuing to move forward with a burning desire. And by doing this, you will find ways to achieve your ultimate goals.

This will happen, and what you will find is that you have increased energy levels, you’ll be much more enthusiastic, and you will begin to live your life instead of your life living you.

After all, it’s you who determines where you want to go, and not your life determining it for you.

Don’t be floating around in the sea without having a rudder to help you to navigate to where it is you want to go. The fact of the matter is that it’s truly and entirely up to you.

So, doing a brief recap of what we’ve discussed:

Success is ONLY possible with the proper mind-set.

  • You deserve it and it’s entirely your choice.
  • Be happy in what it is that you are endeavouring to achieve.
  • Be very specific with respect to your goals.
  • WRITE your goals down.
  • Set schedules for when you wish to meet your goals.

Keep reviewing your goals and your plans.

Be strict with yourself, particularly so within the first 30 days. If you are strict from the beginning, it’s a good way to start out in the way that you need to continue. Begin to live the life that you truly want, desire, and also deserve.

Once you’ve accomplished all of this, we’ll progress to the more technical aspects of setting up the business and laying out the clear foundations for progress.

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