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The Customer Avatar


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When I started online business, 2 years back, I was a quick learner. I’ve learnt everything, like domain registration, hosting my domain, building a blog, autoresponder setup etc in lightning speed.

I was thinking that once these are set up, I can suddenly make huge money as I’ve been told so by the Gurus.

I’ve joined in each and every bright shiny object and programs and membership sites, you name it. But after applying all the principles taught by the Gurus, I was hardly making one sale here and one sale there and while comparing my marketing expense the profit was not even half.

If I would spent $500 on marketing I would be making hardly $50 to $100 on average.

I thought that this is because my sales funnel is wrong or something wrong with my squeeze page or thank you page. Solo ad was my biggest traffic source.

Another problem I found was with the follow up. We were told that money is in the list. I’m sure you have heard the statement several times. When I had 5000+ or more people in my list, I was hardly getting 1% open rate and slowly my list began to die.


I knew I was not alone.

I’ve seen all too often, people come in and then just start driving traffic to an affiliate offer or business opportunity, only to be disappointed with the results. Typically, there are no results and then they are frustrated that “this just doesn’t work” and eventually quit.

The reason for this is simply because the person didn’t take the time to lay out and build a foundation for their marketing to be built upon.

That’s the reason why this module is HUGE. I think this is the major reason why most of internet marketers fail miserably.

A big mistake people make is that they think that this business is about products. It’s NOT, It’s about the customer.

Actually everything you must do online should be customer focused, not product focused. It’s about choosing an ideal customer whom you would like to do business with for long term.

Once you can empathize with them and address their problems putting yourself in their shoes, you can solve their problems better than anyone. In that point they feel bondage with you; eventually they will fell in love with you.

They buy from you again and again, even though they really don’t need the products. It happens to me several times. Think of a moment, how many times you bought a product and later you wonder why the heck you bought it. That is where this module is come into play.


The smartest and most successful marketers I know have a deep understanding of the customer they choose to sell to and are focused on mastering the psychological and emotional connection between them and their prospects.

This was the missing ingredient in my business. When I realized and master the customer empathy skill, my whole business has been changed.

So, you must know who is your ideal customer, their needs, pains, frustrations and you must empathize, emotionally connect with and understand your customer’s deepest desires.

The Customer Avatar

Please watch the below video to get an idea. Eben Pagan, founder of the Altitude program, reveals the secret to communicating with your customer effectively.

Watch the below video where Eben Pagan, founder of the Altitude program, reveals the secret to communicating with your customer effectively.


Most people have a hard time empathizing with virtual people and the most valuable business skill is the ability to empathize with someone.

Your ads – copy…EVERYTHING gets written to one person

The more real you make this the better…the less you guess the better.
You want to create a real prospect so real you feel like you’re sitting across the table and speak to them directly. The goal here is understanding.

To persuade someone via ONLINE, you really need to understand that person.

People buy from you when they feel understood – Dean Grazios

Once you get your customer avatar properly You can SEE their face. You can SEE the emotion in their eyes (eyes don’t lie). You can hear their voice. The intonation. The fluctuation in what they’re saying when something emotional hits them hard.

By creating an avatar, and an Empathy Map you’re effectively filling the missing chunk of having a near 100% relationship with your audience.

Results In Advance

People are attracted to those that are similar to them and will buy more from those people then strangers. So, you want to make a friend and connection with your prospects as much as possible.

Don’t worry about the sales, they will come if you cultivate your following. (And you’ll never have to worry about money again, because you’ll always have a strong list of “cult-like” followers that will buy what you recommend to them because you’ve built a strong Like & Trust factor with them.)

Creating the Customer Avatar

For example, I want to start marketing Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Product, and I have identified that the market I want to sell into is best represented by a 35 to 55-year-old female.

So, to create my customer avatar, I have to flesh out this gal and think about her life, her family, what interests her, and what her problems are that my product can address.

So to start with I gave her a name. I called her Julie. Let Julie talks about her.

Avatar 1

I’m Julie, 33 years old, living in Texas. Working for a life insurance company.

I saw him 5 years back and since then we loved each other and never had any major problems. But what I noticed is, as time passed, he lost interest in me and I noticed it earlier and asked him but he never told me the reason.

Recently he began to ignore me completely and it did hurt me a lot. And finally we agreed to separate.

Now I’m insane, frustrated, depressed and not even can’t concentrate my work properly. The gap he made in my life within this short time is speechless. Only god knows how much I missed him. Remembering the golden days we had together.

Still I don’t know the reason of his changes but I need him badly and I feel worthless without him. We have 2 daughters, namely Anna (6 yrs) and Stephy(4 yrs), I can’t answer to their questions about why he left us and I realize how much they missed their dad. I’m thinking how can I get him back and lead a wonderful life together

Avatar 2 – Niche- Internet Marketing

Bobby is 42 years old and has been involved in Internet marketing for the past 2 years. He has two kids – aged 9 and 6 respectively. He’s a sales executive of a pharmaceutical company and makes around $42,000 a year.

His wife is Janet and she thinks bobby is an idiot for wasting his time to make money online.

Bob is 25lbs overweight and exercises every now and then. He enjoys watching TV, especially cricket. He really loves his two kids and wants to play with them whenever possible.

He is in around $25,000 in debt, still lives pay check to pay check, and has bad credit. Most of his salary goes for paying his credit card, and really struggling to pay the minimum balance.

He doesn’t like his job at all, but doing it for the sake of doing it. His boss is very demanding and not Bob at all. He dislikes his job and boss.

His biggest desire is to quit his job by making enough money on the internet.

His core motivation is FREEDOM.

To be free from his job, free from debts, to have CONTROL of his life And he knows someone has to be making honest money online.

In the immediate he wants just to be able to pay off his bills, his house loan, car loan and save up to send his children to college, and get out of debt.

What he is looking for a formula a step-by-step blueprint, to make residual income, that doesn’t involve him spending a lot of money on marketing hence he already spent lots of money, most of them were worthless.

He wants to be able to fire his boss, quit his job, and enjoy the luxuries of life. Provide his family with the best. Be able to take vacations whenever he wants and wherever he wants, and he wants to stay at the best hotels in the world.

He wants to be rich and make more money than all of his friends. He wants to be the envy of all his friends. He wants to have no fanatical worries and be completely secure and happy. He wants to live in his dream home.

Even though he has read a lot of products he doesn’t have any experience, doesn’t have a sales funnel in place, still doesn’t know how to build a website or list, he doesn’t consider himself an expert.

He has been searching for ways to make money online but lacks focus and falls victim of the bright shiny object syndrome. He is attracted to whatever is NEW, whatever sounds interesting and hot.

The biggest problem is he doesn’t know where to start, and he is the victim of information overload.

He is VERY skeptical as he has bought almost all famous make money online products, even the expensive coaching programs in the warrior forum. But nothing worked for him. He used to convince his wife that he gonna make it one day, but now he also doubts that whether he can make it or not.

He desperately fears loss and embarrassments; therefore he fears change, which makes him avoid decisions.

The Real Bobby

He wants ADVENTURE, respect, credibility, significance, and he wants to win in life.

How To Create A Customer Avatar

Let’s start here.

Get a pen and paper and go through this list.

Who Is Your Customer?




Job Title

Did they graduate from college? High School?

Hair color

Annual revenue

What keeps them AWAKE at night?

List at least 3 problems your ideal customer is having that makes them an ideal customer for your business.

1. ________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________

What are your five biggest objections about using this type of product or making this purchase?






WHAT is the nature of the specific problem?

WHEN do they experience the problem?

WHERE else does the problem effect them negatively?

WHY can’t they solve this problem

What is the best thing that could possibly happen to your ideal customer if their problem is solved?

What would their “perfect solution” look like?

What is it that they really want, more than anything else?

What would they be willing to pay almost anything for?

What have they tried before and failed

How can your product or service match up to your customer’s real needs and desires? How can your business help solve your customer’s problems? What is it that you are trying to provide your customers?

Once you have the customer avatar set up, when you are designing your marketing campaign, or writing an email to them you can just bring up your avatar.

In the above example I should ask myself, would my message resonate with Julie? Would it resonate with Linda. So practice this, it will help you in your online marketing as well as in real life to empathize with different people.

Good Luck:

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