7 Days To 6 Figures Bootcamp-Day 6

Day 6 – Building Your Online Presence



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Creating an authority figure status in 30 days or less

It’s very important to understand the effectiveness of this strategy when you are setting up your business. It can easily be overlooked and also many people do feel that it’s simply not worthy of the effort.

Well, I totally disagree!

The successes that I’ve had in the online businesses that I’ve been a part of – well, without building an online presence I just would not be where I am today.

That’s because it’s a fact that people are drawn towards who they perceive as being an authority figure. And, the more online presence you have, the more authority you build for yourself.

That said, in this training I want to go through how you go about doing this and what it is that you need to do. And also, how fast you can actually achieve it.

Understanding Your Prospect’s Mindset

When you are in business, you should understand that obviously someone needs to buy something for us to get paid. And that’s why we have to understand who our prospects are and what’s going on in their mind as they are going through the buying process.

Well, the first thing that we should understand is:

  • People buy from those who they like and also trust

If they like you and trust you then they are far more apt to buy from you than if they do not. That’s the plain and simple truth of the matter. In all my years of selling and what we’ve always taught is that no matter what it is that you are actually selling, you must make a friend of your prospect.

They need to like you. They will spend more money if they do actually like you and also trust you than if they do not and someone else is offering them a better deal than you are.

Of course, some people will opt to take the deal even from someone they don’t necessarily like or don’t necessarily trust, but by far the majority of people will buy from those they like and trust.

  • Most internet buyers carry out some research

Internet buyers tend to be fairly diligent with respect to their purchases online. That’s because the internet is a tool for research, and obviously internet buyers are fully aware of that.

Whenever you need to find something out you go to the internet. I’m a prime example of that. If I want to find out about a famous person – internet search.

If I want to find out a price for something or learn about a product – internet. I want to go out to a nice restaurant in my locality and I’m not already familiar with that restaurant – internet. I want to learn about some places I might take a holiday – internet.

So, when people are interested in what it is that you are offering, of course they want to find out about you. If they are interested in your niche – they want to find…

  • The authority figure in the niche

They are looking to gain some credibility about you as an individual.

They are already presold on the service or the product that you are offering. But they still could be…

  • Skeptical

And why is that? Well often it’s the case that those people have been…

  • Burned in the past

And they know that previously they never carried out enough research. Maybe it was an impulse buy. They jumped on something that just didn’t work out the way that was promised. So they made a vow that they would never do that again.

Of course there are still many people who will impulse buy. We also want those people too – who would not? But the bulk of your income will come from those prospects who come into your sales funnels.

Then they will be doing research on you and they have to be comfortable with you based on the authority figure status and the online presence that you have.

Therefore, your sales messages will be more powerful. Your email communications will be more powerful. And what you provide to them will be more powerful and they will start to like and trust you.

And that’s when you build a follow-up, and this is very important indeed.

When we are talking about perception, perception is the reality.

Perception is the Reality

What your prospects will see, believe and perceive as the reality is the truth. That’s the reality to them. Irrespective of whether it’s true or not.

This is what makes the internet a dangerous place. You see, there are plenty of con artists online that are putting up these false perceptions in order to gain customers.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are taken in by these con artists and are scammed out of their hard-earned money. So what you need to do is to combat this by providing more information.

You need to let them know that you are real and that you are indeed a good person and you want for them to succeed in what it is that they are doing.

That goes both ways however. Many people who first start out are nervous that they don’t yet have a story. The biggest thing that you have to understand is this:

  • People only know what it is that you tell them

Of course, I’m not saying to lie, to manipulate, or to mislead. No, not at all.

I am saying that you can tell them what it is that you want to tell them. Like, with respect to those stories that you have in your background, by all means pull out the shiny nuggets.

You don’t have to tell the whole story if it’s something that will make you look bad. Why would you do that? Or, if you don’t feel you have quite enough experience to be doing what it is that you are intent on doing.

As by way of example, I’ve had a pretty nasty run in life over the past 15 years or so, and fact is, there are some things within that time – about 8 years back or so – that I really don’t want to be sharing with folks.

If I did, it might put me in something of a negative light. Not with everyone. A lot of people would be entirely sympathetic to my plight, and for good reason too.

But inevitably, there would be some that would potentially see my past as a very negative issue, and that’s certainly not what I want.

Thus, what I did do was to pull out some of the nuggets of my past and tell folks about those nuggets. That has worked very well.

Another common problem that people have when they are starting in business online, or perhaps they have been working online for a long while, but they don’t yet have much success to tell others about.

Normally that comes down to not making much income – not in comparison to some other online marketers anyhow. I mean, perhaps you would feel uncomfortable saying that you make $3,000 online a month when you know for a fact that there are plenty of other online marketers that make five times that amount and more. What’s so special about you?

But you don’t need to tell them how much money you make. Instead, focus on another positive aspect of your business.

You might want to tell folks that you started out online knowing pretty much nothing.

But you found a couple of excellent mentors and you worked with them until you got to the point where you could emulate what they did but change it around to suit yourself, and that’s why you are now successful.

See? There’s nothing there about how much money you are making. You may only be making a couple hundred bucks a month online. Who needs to know? No-one but you!

A lot of people will find the fact that you followed long with your mentors and are now successful (in whatever way it is that you are successful) to be enough.

That’s enough of a hook for many people. They can relate to that entirely. That’s enough of a hook for them to want to follow along with your progress and they will probably already like you and trust you also.

By all means be totally honest about who and what you are. But that does not mean you have to talk about everything in your life.

If you are just getting started with your business and making money, then of course, the chances are that your income is going to be pretty small, and perhaps even next to non-existent.

So instead of talking about your income (or lack of it), instead of that, focus on the relationships that you are fostering, the knowledge you’ve gained, how quickly you’d managed to gain the knowledge,

and also the fact that you are already successful because of these current situations that you’ve worked hard to nourish. That is true success after all, irrespective of the lack of income!

There’s something else that you should understand, and that is…

  • The more virtual real estate that you own, the more you are seen as an authority figure

What I mean when I say virtual real estate is in fact websites. I’m referring to places that your name, your picture, or your information is seen. That could be social networking sites. It could be on blogs. It could be personal websites that you’ve created. Whatever the case may be.

If you have plenty of virtual real estate and as people search you out and learn more and more about you, then they will be more apt to regard you as an authority figure.

Also keep in mind that…

  • Those who give content are FAR more trusted than those that merely offer sales pages

When I refer to virtual real estate, I am referring to pages that provide real content and it’s available for free. You are offering true value to the community.

People are reading your stuff and they are gaining from real information and not just being asked to buy something.

Now of course, you can ask people to buy from you. You can leave some messages in your content where you recommend a product or a service.

You yourself might find a product or a service particularly good, so why not recommend it to others who you also feel will benefit from it. Of course you should!

But it’s not a blatant sales pitch. It’s not like you are shoving something in anybody’s face and telling them that they must buy it. You don’t want to throw up tons of sales pages or opt-in pages and expect people to like it. That will turn the vast majority of folks right off!

  • Transparency gives the perception of honesty

So when we are discussing about you putting your content online and getting all that stuff out there, you are building your brand and you are marketing yourself. And by being transparent, what I mean by that is being open and honest about what’s going on in your life.

Include your life. Include your family. Include your friends. Include your personal information such as your contact information. Some people don’t wish to take phone calls.

Well that’s okay – set something up on a voice mail system instead and create a message whereby you can get back to them later on. Or leave a contact email address. Just something along these lines.

Giving out your phone number can be very helpful in your marketing efforts. If you are comfortable speaking with people, then that’s great.

But if it comes to a point where the calls were interfering with, say – your family life – then you can have your personal assistant to help with those.

Or you could have someone else to funnel your calls so that you only speak with those people that are really interested in getting ahead with their business. There are lots of different things that you can do.

But how is this all done?

Creating Your Online Presence

This can mean:

  • Your blog
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Personal pages – for example, a who is page where you put a bio about yourself – who you are and what you stand for, why people should work with you, what have been some of your successes
  • Review pages – where you review the business that you are in, or different programs or different products – whatever the case might be
  • Social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, the list goes on… these show up in search engines also, depending on the network

30 Days to Authority Figure Status

So as far as creating a formal outline as to how to create an authority status in as little as 30 days, here’s something to guide you along the path.

1. Create a blog – post at least three posts each week

We’ve already talked about where to get content, so we’ll not go into that at this point in time.

A post could be a video with a paragraph of text. Or it could be two or three paragraphs – a couple hundred words long in all. Or it could be a short summary of an article that you wrote and a link to that article.

But you don’t want every post that you create to link back to your business. You do want to talk about different things and provide people with good quality content where they see that you are an authority figure and that you know what it is that you are doing and talking about.

2. Create two articles each week and send them out via mass distribution

As far as mass distribution is concerned, that could be using services such as Submit Your Article, Unique Article Wizard, Jet Submitter. I like Unique Article Wizard myself.

Sure, the service has now been priced upwards at $99 per month, but you get more than just an article submission service for that price – much more. And the article submission service in itself is very good – that’s something I’ve been using for years, so I know for sure that it’s very good.

3. Two press releases each month

The first press release can be about the reasons why you joined the business that you are involved with. You do want to create a catchy headline, but you also want to include your name in the headline because again, that will be picked up in the search engines. Remember, people are searching for you so you need to have information that shows up that is positive and that you control.

Then the second press release can be about your business. Perhaps a product that you are promoting. Something you can create a press release about in an informative way.

4. A whois or bio site (what it is that you are about and why people should work with you)

Here you also want to include pictures of yourself. Images where everyone is smiling. Perhaps you and your family. Things that you’ve done in the past and you were successful at. Perhaps some stories of initial failure that then led to success. Always be positive and energetic with respect to the information you are imparting.

You might want to consider a service I’ve mentioned before called Animoto – www.animoto.com

With this service you can create slide-shows. You can add a dozen or so slides and what they will do is to put all the slides together in a really cool format. You can get the embed code and add it on top. It’s very cool and very professional.

 5.   Join and contribute to three social networks. As by way of example – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

These are all extremely high-trafficked websites. They also get picked up in the search engines. And you can meet a lot of people by using these social networks, and those people potentially can be funneled into your business.

Other Tips for Creating Authority

Review pages. As by way of example Hubpages, Squidoo Lenses, or personally-created review sites

What you could do is that you can begin to create sites with different reviews – reviews of different companies, of different services and products. For the most part, this content will be pretty much copy and paste stuff. You don’t have to entirely re-write everything every time. Just a bit of rewriting to create some level of uniqueness between each.

Meaningful forum contribution

Don’t bother getting caught up with the banter on forums. Or with the negativity either, of which, on many forums, there is a whole lot. Instead, just focus on contributing good stuff. Again, you may be thinking that if you are just starting out, where are you going to get all this good stuff? It’s pretty easy really – you can use PLR (public label rights) content, ezinearticles, other people’s contributions to the topics you are focused on. Forum contributions do also show up well in search engines.

Quality comments on blogs, articles, videos, or social networking sites

If you could schedule, say, half an hour each day where you comment on other people’s stuff, and those comments link back to – for example, your whois page or to your blog, you’re going to create traffic from people who are curious about you and just want to check you out.

The better content you put out there, the more traffic you will generate. Plus, this will also show up in search engines, which again helps to create that authority figure.

Quality content provided for your followers is key

Don’t provide a bunch of junk. What I mean by that is you should not just provide copy and paste all the time. Sure, occasionally that’s fine to do, but generally, you have to mix it up a whole lot. For example, if you are reading and commenting on blogs, be sure to read the blog post and write a good comment about it. There’s no doubt that people are still drawn to good quality stuff – be that information or even to good quality comments on other people’s posts.

Maintaining Your Image

After 30 days, this does not end. You’ve just been priming the pump up till now.

Continue to create and give away good content

You may not have to do this as much as you did in order to get the ball rolling. You could set a schedule for yourself on what to do. You might give an hour each day to doing XYZ…

So, instead of writing three blog posts per week, you can write two instead. Instead of writing two press releases each week, you might just do the one. Whatever the case is, you still want to continue to create and give away good content.

Try to joint venture or partner with others who are in your niche or business

Now you may not get a joint venture near the beginning of your own business set-up, but what you will be doing is creating relationships, and that can turn out to be priceless depending on who it is that you’ve created that relationship with.

It may not pay off right away, but if you invest some of your time in meeting the people that are already in your line of business… if you take the time to do that, the people you are meeting are also taking the time to do that, so you already have this common interest. You are both being proactive in building your businesses.

A lot of people are not proactive. They try it for a few days and then go back to their day job. That’s why there are so many people who simply don’t make it online – they give up far too soon on themselves. Well, in which case, find other people who are not giving up on themselves, because you certainly will not.

Be consistent with what you do

Set schedules for yourself until they become habits. It might be difficult to keep yourself on schedule in the early days, and you may find that you lose your focus easily. Well, in that case, set yourself schedules so that you do certain things every day and every week, and set a time for you to do them. Have a plan of action and be sure to follow through with that plan.

 Reply to emails, to phone calls, and other requests for communication

Be sure to reply to all communication as soon as you can. Don’t be tempted to put off getting back to people. People are taking some time out of their day because they feel that you are the person who can help them. So do try to help them, and it will no doubt pay off at the end of the day.

As you set yourself in motion with respect to online communication, it becomes easier and easier to build a following where people like you and trust you. And almost all that you do is viewed as being more than credible. You come across as an authority figure and more and more people want to work with you.

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