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Losing someone, in a romantic or physical way is one of the hardest things to face in life. It is almost impossible not to feel pain.

And when the pain or realizing that you’ve lost your partner sets in, you want to talk with someone. You want a solution. You want everything to go away. Yes, crying helps. Yes, spending some time alone to understand what happened helps. But in the end, you want everything to be as before.

This is the purpose of this blog. My name is Maria and I am an book author. I’m not a relationship counselor. I don’t have any formal studies in this field. Instead, I am a woman, like you, who tired of suffering after each failed relationship decided to do something about it.

On this blog, you’re going to find advice and strategies on how to bring your partner back and how to raise yourself up. I’m not saying that this will heal your pain. If I could, I would be there for you to help personally but I can’t.

However, it will help. It will help you realize some things and help you get a starting point. You’ll understand if you want to save this relationship or simply move on.

I also understand that there are many different types of people and each come with a different moral mindset. So I’ve tried hard not to come as preachy. Your moral values may prevent you from doing some of the things I’ve suggested here.

That is perfectly fine. I understand this. So take what you find useful and eliminate the rest. If from this entire blog a single sentence can help you smile and give you some inner peace, I am satisfied with my work.

On the other hand, if you want a solution right now, a way to get him back, I’d like for you to check out my course “Together Again Forever”. This is a step by step course on how to get past a break-up and even make him come back to you. It works almost for everybody and you owe it to yourself to try.

After All, how is crying going to help you? How is not taking care of yourself going to help? I understand, you may feel guilty. You may consider that it is moral to go through this because you’ve done something bad, either directly or indirectly. This is only human and I don’t blame it for you.

But God wants you to be happy. Those around you wants you to be happy. And you should want this too. So check out “Together Again Forever” and see how it can help you.


And if you have any questions, about what is written on this blog or simply, about what you should do in order to make everything better for you, please, email me at support@togetheragainforever.com. I’m here for you.

Take care and I hope you’ll be better soon,


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