Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Really Works

by admin on March 25, 2014

The more you find out about affiliate marketing, the more it seems like becoming successful is too difficult. But now, you’re about to learn about what’s perhaps the most effective technique in affiliate marketing. It’s called the Conduit Method, and with it you can actually begin to make real money even if you don’t invest as much time, money and effort as other affiliate marketers.

With this method, it’s no longer the case where merchants can take advantage of your traffic-generating abilities. Instead, you actually take advantage of the marketing efforts of the merchants and the other affiliates so that you make money.

The Difficulties in Conventional Affiliate Marketing

With traditional marketing, many hopeful newbies come to realize that it’s simply too difficult. You need to attract a lot of traffic to your website, and then you have to make sure that your pre-sell technique is topnotch.

After that, you have to hope that the traffic you direct to the merchant’s website actually converts a sale. For newbies, all these take a lot of effort that may actually end up failing in the end. That’s because you probably aren’t the only affiliate for that product, and you are competing with lots of other affiliate marketers for the same keywords.

All these problems are bypassed with the Conduit Method.

Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies

How the Conduit Method Works


Let’s first consider how people come to a decision to buy a product. Usually, they need something. They then Google the keywords that define what they need so that they can find the websites that sell it.

Sometimes, they’re just online and they stumble upon an offer (like an ad) that piques their interest. After that, either they buy as an impulse or decide that it’s not for them. But there is also a third scenario that’s becoming much more popular—people are doing research on the product first before they decide to buy. And that means it’s back to Google.

Either way, people want to find sensible reasons why they should buy a particular product. Even when they need a type of product like a car, they need good reasons to settle on a particular type of car. They need justification for buying something, but the interest is obviously there already. If there’s no interest, they wouldn’t be Googling something, would they?

What they are looking for are facts, opinions, complaints, and of course a trustworthy recommendation. And that’s how you intercept this particular buyer with the Conduit Method. You’re the final step to an inevitable purchase decision, and you make the commission.

So how does it work? Like many other affiliates, or as taught by the Gurus in their affiliate marketing training or coaching program you start by offering reviews. But unlike the other reviews which are full of opinions, your reviews are full of facts. You are actually offering a fact sheet instead of an article full of opinions.

The facts you will include in your reviews will need to mention will include: the name of the product; the author or developer of the product; the official domain name of the merchant; the name of the company or brand; the version designation, such as for software.

You may add other facts here, but the point is to include lots of detail. You’re not here to stuff keywords. Then you need to include an overview of the product along with the list of features. Usually, you can find this on the sales pages or brochures about the product.

Now we come to the opinion part, where you pass judgment as to whether a product is any good. Except in this review, you don’t seem to have any opinions yourself. Instead, you mention the positive reviews and comments (if you are “selling” the product) you can find on other websites. You can just copy and paste snippets of these reviews instead of copying the whole thing, so you can avoid plagiarism or copyright issues.

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Add quotes from actual users on other sites, and from objective and trusted websites. Just keep it short, because that’s usually allowed. You can take a look at the collection of reviews in Rotten Tomatoes, for example, where there’s usually a short quote from each review mentioned. If you want to be sure, you can paraphrase the user comment a little when you mention it in your review.

The point of this exercise is to come off as an objective reporter rather than a pseudo-reviewer who’s out to make a sale. The point you want to be understood is that your review will be the very same research results that the potential customer will get on their own. You get them a list of features, and the various comments from other websites.

Since you’re just a researcher for them and not an obvious “seller”, you should make sure that you don’t look like a seller. That means get rid of the obnoxious BUY HERE buttons and the BUY NOW headline. Tone it down! Just the facts, ma’am.

(In case you’re wondering if this really works, you can use my own website as an example. It’s only 3 months old and it only has 12 product pages. It’s been visited by a little over 4 thousand unique visitors, and it has already made more than 5 thousand dollars!)

Additional Reasons why the Conduit Method is So Easy yet So Effective

While by now it should be patently obvious that the Conduit Method is the only strategy in affiliate marketing that makes sense, here are some more reasons why the method helps you make money even without too much effort on your part:

1. You are using the popularity of the product itself. You’re not marketing the product to make it more popular. What you’re doing is diverting the attention of the people who have actually seen the sales pages of the product and who are now trying to do some research about it.

2. It’s much better than the “PPC Review Landing Page” Method. With PPC ads, you can’t use the official domain as the display URL. You can’t use trademarked terms and brand names either. That’s because these are advertisements. With the Conduit Method, you’re supplying facts, similar to a news report. So you can mention all these brand names and trademarked terms all you want, as long as you include the trademark symbols and disclaimers.

3. Coming up with unique and effective content is a systematic process. When you think about it, you don’t really have to agonize about finding the right sales pitch in your articles. Doing it this way takes too much time and creative effort. But coming up with a fact sheet is a systematic procedure and you can duplicate the formula as often as you want. Once you have your template format, it’s virtually a matter of getting the facts and comments from other websites and collating it as a unique article in itself.

4. The people you attract to your website are the best members for email lists and newsletters. Remember, these are people who are already in a buying mood, and that makes them better for your email lists than those whom you need to convince to buy.

5. No more guesswork involved.  The bulk of the convincing has already been achieved by the other affiliates and by the sales pages of the merchant. You don’t need to hope that the sales method works, because you already know that it does. All you are providing is the objective content that will give the final push for a potential buyer to become an actual buyer.

A Step by Step Guide to the Conduit Method


Now that you’re convinced that the Conduit Method is the best Affiliate Marketing approach for you, let’s dive right in. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Pick the right niche. The right one will have numerous commercially available products in its category. You don’t have to think of the niche all by yourself. You can just simply check out other major affiliate networks for ideas. They’ve conveniently listed all the niches and their products for you.

2. Set up a website in which each product is reviewed with your fact sheet.  You need a dedicated page for each product so your readers can focus better. Don’t forget that the fact sheet has to include actual user comments from other websites. And also remember that the affiliate link should be very visible at the top and at the bottom of the each page.

You may even review products that don’t have an affiliate program, because you want to get the attention of these readers who are already in a buying mode. The reviews for these products may be used to build your email list, or you may even recommend an alternative product that does have an affiliate program. Here, the comments you may want to include may be mostly negative, so that you can push your alternative product instead.

3. Your home page should feature something already. This can be your opt-in, or it can be a top product you want to promote. You should also make sure that your visitors can get around your website easily by including a sitemap. This is good for SEO as well.

4. Go slow and natural when building links. While submitting hundreds of articles at one go can be a very tempting proposition, the risks outweigh the rewards. In all likelihood, you’ll be penalized for this act, and then you have to wait for many months before you can even recover and get some traffic.

The best way to go about this is to submit a handful of articles to free directories to start. Then you ought to join 3WayLinks or LinkVana (or both) to automate the “natural” link building process. You can even make things go faster by posting in forums or commenting in blogs, although you should take care to submit relevant and not spammy content.

Some of the links you build should also go directly to the product itself. That’s one way of using article marketing effectively—you’re promoting a product instead of your website.

5. Track your traffic and sales. You should never assume that everything will work out fine. Monitor your stats constantly. It may take a week or so before the visitors who used Google with the product-related keywords to come and discover your website. In general, the first handful of visitors will grow into a horde once your website gets old and earns authority.

But just because only a handful shows up at first doesn’t mean you make very little money. Remember, the quality of these visitors is different than your usual variety. These are the people who are already on the verge of buying, so you’ll see more sales.

If you are getting a good number of people to visit your site and yet you’re not making sales, then your conversion methods may need some work. Perhaps your affiliate links aren’t as prominent. Maybe your fact sheet isn’t as “objective” as it ought to be. If that’s the case, then you may want to use a regular website format than a blog, since so many potential customers don’t seem to trust the impartiality of blogs anymore.

Make sure you do your layout correctly, and never forget the importance of that top-fold area. When potential buyers are in research mode, you need to make sure that there’s an easy way for your visitors to buy the product. It’s even possible that the headline of the review is all they need to go ahead and buy.

6. Don’t overthink it; just do it. Sometimes affiliate marketing put in too much thinking and planning and not enough doing. Just set up one site after another, because the Conduit Method hardly needs too much independent planning and research. You just need to source the product and duplicate the formula. Other people have already done the research for you, and all you’re doing is taking advantage of their efforts.

With the Conduit Method, you are inserting yourself into a potential customer’s virtually inevitable decision to buy. So you don’t really need to be really lucky or extremely skilled at affiliate marketing. The Conduit Method lets you succeed so easily by simply building the websites, so making a hundred grand a year becomes doable. And remember, it’s doable only if you actually do something about it. Actually this is the best affiliate marketing strategies you can adopt in your business from today.

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