7 Days To 6 Figures Bootcamp
Day 6 -Building Your Online Presence


The first thing that you need to do to become an Authority Figure (AU) is know what you want to be an AU on.  Makes sense right?

  1. So what do you want to be an AU on?  What do you want to have credibility in and be shown to be an expert at?
  2. Look at your business or product that you’re marketing and dissect it with a high power microscope.  To be the most successful it is best that you know your business/product inside an out (even if you’re marketing affiliate products).

    List the top 5 benefits that what you’re selling offers.

  3. Determine who your target or ideal prospect is.  (What are they looking to accomplish by purchasing your business/product, or what is their background or do they have any specific benefit they are hoping to get or what problem are they trying to solve…etc)

This information will start to make you realize who you need to target and how your message needs to be sent.  Meaning, you want to focus on the benefits that your target market is looking for.

When you explain how what you offer will solve their problem and they can see that you are credible enough to believe, you will have a far greater chance of closing that sale.

This is VERY important!!!!

Answer to 2 biggest questions your prospects have.

  1. What’s in it for me?  What makes your (Blank) better than anyone else and what will it do for me better than someone else’s…?
  2. Why should I buy from you?  What makes you special?  What’s the big deal in why I should buy from you instead of anyone else?

The Many ways to get this done…

Start implementing these methods and you will build up your presence and credibility extremely quickly.  It doesn’t have to be done overnight, but you need to do something everyday by adding one of these communication mediums to your portfolio of “Internet Real Estate” and growing them.

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