High Ticket Affiliate Programs – Why You Need Them In Your Business

by admin on March 13, 2014

If you’re having trouble making money from your websites, one of the most likely reasons is that you’ve been spending too much time and effort pushing low tier products. These are the products that people can buy for 5 to 10 dollars or so. But that’s not the way to make serious money quickly.

You need to avoid these low ticket items (this means everything that costs less than a hundred bucks) and start selling high ticket affiliate programs that cost $500 or more. In fact, the best way to go about making big money is to start selling high tier items as an affiliate.

Advantages of High Ticket Affiliate Programs



With high ticket products, you get advantages that you can’t have with low tier items.

    • Selling high ticket products is much easier. That’s because all the expensive items are likely to be things that are needed, while low ticket items are usually just things people want or buy on a whim. Take a look at your home—most of the expensive stuff are the things you need, such as your car, furniture, and appliances. It’s the same thing online. So if you are selling gym equipment, it’s easier to sell the more high end machines that gyms need to offer their customers instead of selling the cheap dumbbells for people who exercise at home.
    • You need to sell a LOT of low ticket items to get a decent commission. If you want to make six figures a year, then that translates to $8333 per month. If you sell items worth just $15 in commission per item, you need to sell more than 555 of those items to reach that level. But if you sell an item that offers a commission of $100 per item, you just need 85 sales a month. If your product gives you $500 in commission, then we’re only talking about 17 sales a month!
    • You can scale your business faster. When you’re just building your business, you can foster growth by putting back your earnings into your businesses. Since you get to earn more money right away with high ticket items, your growth is much faster.
    • There’s no need to create your own products. That means you don’t have to spend money in research and development, manufacturing, and paying people who contribute their skills. With an affiliate program, the product is already there.
    • No customer service. This is actually a great blessing, since customer support really needs a lot of time and effort—and it’s not really helping you make money. You’re just the marketer, and customer support is not your responsibility.
    • You can focus on driving traffic and making sales. Now that is your responsibility, but at least you can direct all your effort on that.

What You Need To Look For to promote high ticket affiliate products

high paying affiliate programs

Of course, you can’t just go and choose any high ticket product to pitch. Here are some of the features you need to look out for:

    • Massive sex appeal. This means that your item appeals to a broad range of people and not just to one very specific and narrow niche.
    • Good compensation plan. Here, what you need is an affiliate program with mid to high products but with a very low entry requirement. It also makes for a great pitch when you build a network of your own.
    • Sales funnel. The best and easiest way to make money is create sales funnels that help you make sales continuously, even if you just exert an effort at the start. For example, you can exert a lot of effort putting up a great banner or website at the start, and then it will make sales for you without having to duplicate the same amount of effort every time. It’s the same thin when you build a network. Once the network is in place, you earn money continuously.

How to Sell High Paying Affiliate Programs

While selling high ticket items is easier than with low tier products, there’s still a right way to sell high tier items.  Here’s what you need to do:

    • Set yourself up as the authority. There’s one very easy way to become an authority in your niche, and that’s to emulate those people who have already succeeded. Study their methods and their styles, and reverse engineer all the things they’ve done. There’s no need for you to stumble and experiment to find how to do things right, because others have already done it right. Then once you’ve learned all the things you need to learn, you then start teaching it to others.
    • Add massive value to people’s lives and then present the solution to their problems. You have to leave all selfish desires at the door. You need a reputation as someone who helps, because when you start pitching items it will be seen as another of your efforts to help other people.
    • Your customer should feel like they always got the best deal. That means you should always over-deliver and give more, so that customers feel like they got the better end of the deal. When they feel like they’re one up on you when you sell them something, then you’re doing it right.

An Example of a Great Affiliate Program

One superb example of an affiliate program you can use is the My Top Tier Program. It has everything you absolutely need in order to be an effective affiliate marketer. It’s the blue print you can consult so even if you start from scratch, it can guide you through the process and the potential pitfalls so that you can make a lot of money online. It’s the one item that’s very easy to sell and deliver, and it’s also something that many people need. Click the banner below to see what is MOBE and how it will change your perception about affiliate marketing.

With it, you can make commissions anywhere from a thousand dollars to $5000. And you don’t even have to do any selling yourself. There’s a phone team already set up to do just that. All you need to do is to focus on generating traffic, and then you can make enough money to really grow your own online marketing


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