How to Find the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

by admin on March 19, 2014

The Internet is a wonderful place to make money. You’ve probably heard that many times before. In fact, you’ve probably come across a whole lot of marketing gurus proclaiming that affiliate marketing is an extremely easy way of making money online especially if you can find the highest paying affiliate  programs.

Of course, such claim is not exactly accurate. If it were, then a lot of people would be making tons of money right in the comfort of their own homes.

But there is actually a grain of truth in all the hype about affiliate marketing. Although it’s not exactly easy, making money through affiliate marketing is quite doable. It’s not quite as complicated as nuclear physics or rocket science.

In fact, a lot of it depends on just one thing: your choice of affiliate products to promote. That is essentially the foundation for any success you may be hoping for in affiliate marketing.

high paying affiliate programs

Features of a Great Affiliate Program

The thing with gurus is that they have all the “lessons” they can teach you which they learned from experience, but the problem with that is what works for them may not work for you. The great thing about choosing the right affiliate program, on the other hand, is that it works for everybody.

So how do you choose the right one? Some people recommend looking at the price point, but that doesn’t work if the expensive affiliate program doesn’t convert. So is it the conversion rate? That’s part of it, but you can’t just rely on this feature alone because you can’t really be sure at the start if the vendor is giving you honest figures about the conversion rate.

The best way to go about choosing the right affiliate programs and products is to check out the following factors:

1. Potential for long term income. This is obviously a great feature, since you can convince a customer to buy once, and you earn money off that customer as long as they continue to buy.So you need to check if you’ll get recurring commissions. For example, Hostgator will pay you a flat fee for every signup you send them, but will give you 30% of the monthly fee that referrals spend to use their services.

2.Duration of the cookie. While you may be able to make extra commissions on follow-up products, that only happens if the cookie is actually tracked. So it’s not really a good deal at all if you receive commission for any product your referral buys and your cookie only lasts for a day.

3. Follow-up products. Speaking of which, do they actually have quality follow-up products that can increase your commissions?

4. Refund rate. This number tells you a lot of things. It indicates the quality of the product, and it also tells you how much commission you lost.

5. Specific product or all products? Some affiliate programs will only give you a commission if the referral buys the items you’re promoting. But the best affiliate programs will give you a commission anyway as long as the customer buys a product from that same vendor, even if it’s not the product you’re promoting.

6. Payout schedule. Since you’re in the business of making money, you need to know exactly when you get your commissions after each sale. The best affiliate programs actually give you your commissions immediately after the sale.

7. Conversion rate. There really is no point diverting traffic to an affiliate program sales page if they can’t convert the people you send there. Get the conversion rate, and see if it jives with your own evaluation of the sales page. Conversion may be a problem for them (and for you by extension) if the price of the product is too high or the sales copy is crappy.

8. Second tier commissions. This isn’t a common feature nowadays, but when you do find them then it’s definitely a plus. This gives you a commission from the sales of your own affiliates, which is a great way to earn passive income.

Candidates for the Best Affiliate Programs

mindsetBefore anything else, let’s differentiate between affiliate products and affiliate marketing programs. Your first priority is to find programs that offer products relevant to your niche.

That’s the most important consideration. If your niche is high-end headphones and speakers and perhaps other audio-related products, then the best affiliate programs with the highest conversion rates and the most lucrative commissions are useless, if they don’t offer the products you’re looking for. In other words, those affiliate programs may be the best for others, but definitely not for you.

Now that we got that covered, let’s take a look at the best affiliate programs that hopefully do carry the products you’re looking for.

  • The Giants: Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareASale. These are the colossi of the world of affiliate marketing, and eventually you’ll encounter a great product you want to feature that’s powered by one of them. These are the giants of the industry because of one simple fact: they actually make it easy for sellers and affiliate marketers alike to make money.

Just about every affiliate market has only great words to say about the big 3. You’ve got lots of retailers and merchants to choose from, you get your payments quickly, and they also have great customer service. You can’t go wrong with any of these affiliate programs.

  • The Conglomerates: Skimlinks and VigLink.  A conglomerate affiliate platform helps you manage and keep track of your many affiliate programs, but for a cut of your commission, of course.

Now you don’t have to keep track of your programs, and you no longer have to constantly check that your tracking is accurate and you’re paid on time. It will be done for you.

You’ve got thousands of merchants, and that includes the ones you may have never qualified for. You can even use in states where it’s not available. They’ve very easy to use, and all your commissions are streamlined.

There are other platforms out there, but if you want to make sure that you get the best then the ones listed here are your best bet if you want to make money through affiliate marketing.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get the ball rolling and start making some serious money!

Which are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

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