How to Build A Buyers List Without Selling Anything?

by admin on November 21, 2012

You may have surprised to see the heading, don’t you? If someone is still get buyers to your liststruggling to make an email list, how they can build a buyers list, moreover, without selling anything? Let me dive into it directly.

“Money is in the list”. We all have been hearing this phrase a thousands of times, both online and offline. Well, if you’ve only 20,000 no’s of freebie seekers, you can’t make a dime. And they will be get annoyed and raise their eye brows, when they see your promotion.

So filling your list with freebie seekers won’t help you. What do you need is a list of buyers. It’s not hard as you may think.

How Do I Build A Buyers List

“Making money online does involve hard work, but it doesn’t have tobe you that’s working hard”

You may have heard of million dollar launches by famous internet marketers, as far as I know, among the internet marketers, It was John Reese, who sold over 1 million dollar worth of product in 24 hours.

I thought, he got a huge list, so it was easy for him to send an email regarding the product and Boom..Million dollar launch. Once you’ve a huge list, it’s a given that you can make huge money online. Right? But..far from the truth.

He said, in an interview that his million dollar sales have came from using other people list. His sayings really open my eyes. Till that time, my concentration was fully on building my list and I never thought of leveraging other people’s list. It’s not meant that, you don’t have to build your list, contrary; you can leverage other markers list while building your own list. And you don’t have to wait until your list grows up to 10,000 members to make some good amount online.

Make Money Online- Mathematics of Making Money in Online Business

make money online formula

What I believe is, you don’t have to be a marketing genius to make money online. Surprisingly, people tend to over complicate the selling and marketing process. It’s really simple once you know how to position yourself in front of the interested people.

Money = your appealing offer x interested people

Sales = your appealing product + Strong Distribution Chain

For Example

Imagine that you created software, the most beneficial software normal people could think of. Now imagine you’ve joint venture with Microsoft and they decided to sell your software through their vast network. They just put your software along with “windows 8”. Virtually overnight, it would be available for literally millions of people across the world. Because Microsoft have a vast distribution network.

I hope you got the potential of leveraging other people’s network.

How it’s possible in internet marketing niche

Regardless to any niche, the above method will work for every business. But as I’m in IM niche, let me clarify how the above is practical and how can you build a buyers list while leveraging other people’s lead generation network.


In order to implement the above strategies, you must’ve your own product/services or at least an affiliate product/services. If you’re in IM niche and offer any of the below services, this cup of tea is for you.

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Ecommerce Site
  • List Management
  • Copywriting
  • PPC Management
  • Article Marketing

Case Study

Last month, I’ve stumble upon a free WSO, which seemed to be very appealing and attracted a bunch of warriors there (I knew it, from the views and replies they we’re getting). The WSO was about squeeze pages.

Suddenly I approached the WSO owner and asked about the possibilities of putting one of my best products about list building, which I seemed highly compliment to his WSO. I sent his my product for his review, and he was highly impressed with the quality of my product. He agreed to put my product banner on his thank you page. Here is the result.

how to build your email list

As you can see I got 90 buyers in my list. Yes, I said Buyers, because who’ve access to the thank you page? Only buyers, right? So, after buying the product, they landed to the “thank you” page where they saw my offer and opt-in to my list.

Imagine, in order to get 90 buyers into my list, how much should I spend. Minimum $1000, and now I got 90 buyers for FREE. Not BAD.

Let me know your thoughts by posting your valuable comments below. I’m waiting for that.

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