How To Make A Residual Income From Your List?

by admin on June 23, 2012

how to build a list for your businessIf you ask me what is the *most* important skill you should develop to become a successful internet marketer, I would say


You might have heard the phrase “The money is in the list”…

But I would say

Money is in the list but how can you make money from it?


Yes, you can make a residual income from your list if you have the ability to nurture a true relationship with your list.

Often, marketers failed to treat their subscribers as true human being. They treat them like an ATM machine thus they dump offer after offer to squeeze them. They spend lots of money to make their list by purchasing solo ad, paid media, PPC etc.

But 90% of them forget to realize that their list members are true human being like you and me.. a breathing mom, a dad who’s struggling with financial problems, a widow, a bachelor who recently lost her on..

You Can STILL Make Money From Your List, if you know the TRICK!

Geesh. I can’t begin to tell you how many times this little sentence has been spat across the online world. But, what if it weren’t true?  What if it was all a little “white” lie to earn the presenter of it more money? Can that really be the case??

Well there is no easy answer to this one. It is both Yes AND No.

To tell you the truth, you CAN earn money from a mailing list via your newsletter or ezine. But, you CANNOT predict the efficiency with which you will rake in those profits.

If you ask any Internet Marketer they will tell you that you can expect  to earn at the very least 1% from your mailing list. What’s that mean?  Well, if you have a list of say, 100 people, and you are attempting to  sell a product for $10.00 to them, you can EXPECT to make 1 sale(s) and  earn $10.00.

Now, if you are promoting a $197 product as an affiliate and get paid a  50% commission on it, you will earn from your ONE sale a grand total of  $98.50. That’s a big difference wouldn’t you say?

What’s the likelihood of you earning that almost $100 commission though?

And, is it possible you can get a higher expected earnings percentage than that of the standard 1%?

Generally, it all depends. It all depends on who you have on your list. And how many of those “whos” you have on your list to begin with.

Meaning, if you have built your list by offering “freebies” to your subscribers then you can expect that you will earn the 1% profit rate.  However, if you have built your list from current customers who have  already bought from you in the past, then you can expect that your  earnings percentage rate will climb considerably. Which can be anywhere  from 2% to 100%!!

Your current customers are where your profits lie in wait. And it is  much, much easier to earn that $98.50 commission from the higher  ticketed items when you know that the people you are pitching this to  will spend their money. Besides that, you probably know already, if you  are keeping good records of who’s spending what with you, how many  sales of this caliber you can expect.

Of course, this isn’t an exact science though. There is always room for  human error. Or, over calculation ;-).

This is not to say that you can’t make over the standard 1% earning  rate from the “freebie seekers”. The best way to go with them is to  offer them something good for a small price. This is usually the kind  of thing they will go for.

To really earn good profits from your mailing list there is a secret.  The secret is. . .Have More Than ONE List!

Yup. That’s it. That’s the secret. Now, if you only have one list you  rely on to earn money then you already know what to expect. One sale  per 100 subscribers. But, that equation DOUBLES if you have two lists  to pull in profits from. Want to triple it? Then have 3 lists. And so  on and so forth.

Do you think that the so called “gurus” only rely on one list for their  earnings? If you do, then you are seriously dreaming! Of course they  have more than one list. And the sweetest part about it is that they  SPECIALIZE everything they offer to their multiple lists by creating  “niches”.

All a “niche” is is a specific topic. Nothing more. So instead of  picking a general topic like earning money, you narrow that down to  stay-at-home parents earning money. Then, to be sure you turn a profit  with your little “niche” list, you only promote those products or  services that will be of use, or help to them. THAT’S how you make your  money from mailing lists. That’s how the big boys do it. And that’s how  YOU should be doing it.

So, having specialized “niche” lists, and more than one of them, is  recommended to EVERYONE marketing online. And, just so you know, if  you’re selling stuff online, then YOU are a marketer. ‘Nuff said.

Bums DO Earn Money. . .Online

how to promote empowernetworkBums. What is your first thought when you think of this word? A person  living on the streets begging for money? Well offline that’s probably a  pretty good visual description. Maybe without a back story, but we’re  talking about your FIRST thought, or impression.

However, when it comes to bums ONLINE, the description is completely  different. Marketing “bums” are folks that elect to take the easy way  to earning profits online. And here’s how they do it. . .

A Marketing “bum” will either write their own, or republish another  author’s 300-800 word article in several places such as free article  directories, or on their own web sites including blogs. Incidentally,  blogs are a great place to post articles.

But, within the articles, they tuck away a few different money makers  like Google Ads, affiliate links, and links to their own select web  pages that are designed to sell ONE product at a time.

And all those little money making nuggets coincide with the topic  discussed inside their article. What’s really cool about Marketing bums  is the fact that they do next to nothing besides writing up short  little articles and offering them for free to anyone, and everyone who  wants to read them, and still manage to make pretty good profits.

So, they earn money from giving away free information. Beyond that,  they also build up their reputation as a person of value to others by  providing such valuable information for free. Smart little sneakers!

Even though this method isn’t “new” by definition, it IS a method that  brings positive results to those utilizing it. Of course, everyone will  earn a different amount. Some will earn little. And some will earn a  lot. It all depends on the effort put forth. Meaning, if you only  release, or publish, a handful of articles sprinkled with your money  making devices, then you can expect to see a small return from your  efforts.

On the other hand, if you publish, say, 100 articles, that increases  your chance to earn more small little trickles of profits. Bum  Marketing is all about getting your articles in online circulation in  every place you can to get them read, and most importantly your little  money “nuggets” seen, and clicked. Hopefully, the end result will be  making a sale.

If you are a bum Marketer, then you are an affiliate of sorts. Either  you are an affiliate for someone else, or for yourself. Or for both.  Remember, this is all about quantity. More articles with more money  making links equals more chances to profit for you.

With that said, there are plenty of places you can learn more about  this “bummy” method because there are plenty of different ways to do  it. There are plenty of “bummy” stops online that are super stepping stones into the bum Marketing world.  If this is the first time you are reading about bum Marketing, then  it’s a real good idea to check out some of these places by searching for them using your favorite web broswer to find out  more about this process before you jump head first into this dirty little trick.

This is a fantastic little trick and should be used by everyone that  has a website. And, it should also be utilized by everyone that wants  to add more profit streams onto their existing ones.


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