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by admin on July 5, 2012

Even though I heard about this wonderful feature of facebook which allow us to promote our page post without hurdles like normal advertising, I really didn’t look deeply into it.

But this week I was actually playing around to find out what the heck is this feature provide:). Really I found it is one of the best features that one can use to reach ones post to more people. They announced this cool feature on this May I believe.

What I liked in this cool feature is, first of all this feature is very simple to use and can fit to our budget, which are the main concern of common business owners and marketers when it comes to marketing online.

What are Facebook Promoted Posts?

Facebook enabled you to pay for an individual post to reach more of the people who like your page and their friends. Have you noticed the new matric facebook has on the bottom of every post showing how many people your post has reached. It looks like this:


how do I advertise in facebook

Please note that promoted posts are available to pages with 400 to 100,000 likes only.

What If don’t promote my post? will the people who like my page don’t see it?

Facebook confirmed that nothing has changed about how your posts are shared with the people who liked your page.

A lot of activity happens on Facebook and most people only see some of it in their news feeds. They may miss things when they’re not on Facebook, or they may have a lot of friends and Pages, which results in too much activity to show all of it in their news feed.

If you don’t promote your post, many of the people connected to your Page will still see it. However, by promoting a post, you’re increasing its potential reach so an even larger percentage of your Page audience and the friends of those interacting with your post will see it.

How can I promote a Page Post on Facebook?


Let me give you a step by step process to make it easy. You can promote a page post by simply following these steps.
1. Go to the sharing tool first.
2. Then enter your post detail as normal.
3.You can see the promote button as shown in the picture below.
budget you set there is a lifetime budget not daily budget like facebook PPC.
advertising in facebook
4. Click Save

What Kinds of posts You can promote on facebook?

You can promote any kind of post you can create in the sharing tool including status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions.
Once you promote your post, if you want to pause the pormotion you can do it simply by clicking the promote button again and also you can change your budget here.
promoting your page on facebook

How can you see your promoted post is performing?

After a while promoting your post on facebook, you can see its performance at the bottom of the post (exactly in the links to the left of the Promote button)


facebook promote button use


How long does a promoted post run? How can I edit the length of my promoted post?

Each post can be promoted in the news feed for up to 3 days from when the post was first created. At this time, it isn’t possible to change the dates and times of a promoted post, but you can pause it at any time.

How can I make sure that more people see my posts in their news feeds?

The best way to have your posts show up in the news feeds of the people who like your Page is to post things you think your audience will like, comment on,…

The best way to have your posts show up in the news feeds of the people who like your Page is to post things you think your audience will like, comment on, or share with their friends. Use your Page Insights to learn more about the types of posts that your audience is most interested in.

By promoting your posts, you’re simply increasing the chance you’ll reach a larger number of people and, when they interact with your post, their friends. People trust recommendations from their friends, which means that this extended audience is more likely to be interested in your business when they see that a friend has liked, commented on or shared your post.

Please watch the video below to get things more clear

How to promote posts on Facebook-Video


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