How To Reduce Your Aweber Cost By 35% Or More?

by admin on November 12, 2012

aweber monthly cost reduceBeing an internet marketer, I can’t even think of email marketing without an autoresponder, especially my favorite autoresponder-Aweber.

Here are some tips I learned recently, it will help you to reduce your aweber costs drastically.

Aweber charge you based on the total amount of subscribers in your list, which includes people who unsubcribed from your list too. This information was really new to me till I stumbled upon some useful information about reducing the cost of aweber, by doing some simple things.  Yes, actually it will take you less than 5 minutes of your time.

Let me share with you those tips, that really helped me to reduce my aweber monthly subscription cost.

1. Delete The Unsubscribed People From Your List.

I know most of the marketers are not aware of the fact that,  aweber count your unsubscribed people toward your total number of subscribers, thus of course the cost of your aweber account.

Step By Step Instructions To Delete Unsubscribed People From Your List

1. Login to your aweber account, then look for the “search” option under Subscribers.

How to delete unsubscribers from aweber

2. Now, select “Unsubscribed” from the view segment drop down menu.

reduce your aweber cost


3.  This will bring you a list of people who unsubscribed from your list. By default, aweber brings you 20 records at a time. If your unsubscribes are more than that, you can select to show 50 or 100 records at a time by just clicking the numbers at the bottom right hand side, like this,

aweber unsubscribes

If you want awber to pull up 100 addresses, you can simply click on 100. I hope you got it.

After aweber pull up the list of unsubscribed people list, in order to delete them, you can simply check the erase box, which you can see in the upper right (as shown in the picture below) to mark all of them to be erased.

how to delete unsubscribes from aweber

4. Click the save button which you can see at the bottom right hand, to delete all the selected unsubscribes.

If you feel that it’s too difficult to erase the unsubscribes, you can contact aweber customer solution and they will help you to delete them.

2. Remove Inactive Subscribers From Your List

I clean my list every 6 months, why should I pay to aweber  for somebody who are not opening my emails for long time. Does it make sense?

You can easily find out those subscribers who are not opening your emails for the last few days, weeks, months or a year time. People who are not opening your messages are not profitable or valuable to you as subscribers. Moreover,  if they are no longer opens your email means they are not interested in your messages and possibly they mark your message a spam if you keep sending them more messages.

Step By Step Instruction To Remove Inactive Subscribers From Your List

1. Login to your aweber account, then to the the search field under the unsubscribers tab.

 unsubscribers tab in aweber

2. Now click the “select field” drop-down menu like shown in the picture below:

how to delete inactive subscribers from aweber account

The choose ” No Opens” from the bottom of the list.

no opens

3. Now, you have to put the date you would like to search by. Suppose if you want to delete the subscribers who didn’t open your messages for the last six months, you have to put a date which is six months back.

segmentVery Important

Make sure that you include “Date Added” and “Date Is Before”, then choose the same date. This is very important because it will ensure that the very new subscribers who may have just gotten to your list and not gotten your messages, won’t be deleted along with the inactives. Look at the below picture.

date added

4. Now, it’s time to click the “Search” button and scroll down and see the list of people who haven’t bother to opened your messages since the date you chose.

5. Last step is to delete these subscribers from your list permanently. For that, check the Erase box which you can see in the upper right side (see the picture below) to mark them to be deleted, then click “Save” to remove them your list.

erase inactive users in aweber

3.  Try To Utilize All Features of Aweber

Most of us never bother to utilize or explore most of the features of Aweber. Utilizing maximum means some sort of saving, right? so try to have a keen look on Aweber and see what are the features out there, that you’re currently not using, and try to explore it.  For example, if you are sending normal messages to your list, try to publish newsletters. Try their new webforms and experiment. There are ton of features out there, be a smart email marketer:)

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vladan ciric November 14, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Thank You Sajan, A lot, I have learn from You more than Anybody alse.

Unfortunately, I am not starting yet with online buisness, beacause they are
lot of liars, and Ive spent a lot of money for nothing.
Thank You again


admin November 14, 2012 at 4:15 pm

Hi Vladan,

Thank you very much for taking your time to post your comment on here. I agree with you that most of them are scams. I failed several times and scammed as well. But you’ve the power to rise above all. I wish you all the very best.


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