How To Start An Affiliate Program For Your Business

by admin on December 17, 2012

how to recruit affiliatesDo you know how to start an attractive affiliate program? Most people don’t, why is why the also struggle with their product launches.

They might have an excellent product, but they don’t know who can sell it for them – and they simply do not have deep enough market penetration to market it completely without help.

Your best bet when considering how to start an attractive affiliate program is to create some type of pre-launch plan, where you approach every possible person who could potentially sell your product as an affiliate.

You will then want to offer a generous commission on your product. I personally suggest at minimum of 75%.

Additionally, if your product has a higher price tag, more affiliates will be interested in selling it.

You will also want to create a professional sales page for your product, so that it is actually easy for your affiliates to sell.

Additionally, you will want to provide tools your affiliates can use to promote.

Additionally, you will want to approach the following groups to get them to sell your product as an affiliate:

1. Any friends you have who sell similar products. This is definitely the easiest way to sell the value of your product – simply tell a friend who already knows you and knows that you produce high quality work. Ask him/her if he/she is interested in becoming an affiliate for your launch. Tell him/her you will give him/her a higher.

2. Anyone selling products in your given niche. You might want to scan Click Bank or perform a Google search to get better information to use here.

3.  People who you cannot ever imagine being one of your affiliates. That’s right. You might think they’re completely out of your range, but if you approach them correctly and actually offer decent benefits and a high commission, they may just decide to work with you.

And there you have it: a quick outline for creating an attractive affiliate program and then finding some affiliates to sell for you.

How To Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product?

People who create products are always looking for partners to participate in their launch activities – to give testimonials and to promote it as an affiliate.

Unfortunately, not everyone is savvy as to where to recruit super affiliates and JV partners.

In fact, most people who create products wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to approach someone who could be considered a super affiliate or JV partner, even if they did have direct access to them (note: most people actually DO have access to these potential partners).

One of the best places to recruit super affiliates and JV partners is through public and private forums.

Yes, it seems like a stupid and obvious approach, but believe it or not, it actually does work; however, your presentation and offer both have to be excellent if you expect them to say yes, given all the offers they receive on a regular basis.

The best way in which you can begin this process is to open accounts on all forums that could potentially have future JV partners and affiliate partners.

For instance, you could look at high traffic forums or forums with regular “minor celebrity” appearances.

affiliate program warrior forum If your niche is Internet marketing, you will want to setup an account at the Warrior Forum, which you can find at the following URL:

Your best bet (once you have created these accounts) is to become a regular poster.

Show what you actually are like and why it might be worth it for people to be your affiliate or setup a joint venture with you.

Once you have paid your dues, you can then start contacting your target JV partners and future affiliates through private messages.

When you do this, make it clear that you are willing to give far more than you receive.

If you’re asking them to become an affiliate, give them a 100% commission if this is your first contact.

This will help you build a relationship; and will also get your product a considerable amount of traffic.

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