Making Money Online- The Truth About Making Money Online

by admin on February 27, 2012

How is life with you?
Sajan Elanthoor here again…Jenita Maria Sajan
Won’t  stay long because my daughter Jenita is on my lap and pressing almost all keys of my laptop’s keypad.
Moreover I have to start my jogging again from today ( I stopped it since the new year hence the weather was little cold and it increased my laziness a little bit :).
I’m doing everything, actually more than that for my online business but I’m reaching nowhere. Sounds familiar?
I’ve been there in almost all courses (membership sites, eBooks, Seminars, coaching programs) and I did all the things that the
Gurus told me to do but I’m not making any money or only peanuts.

Sounds familiar?
Ya with me?
Why is it?
If you feel that the above statements talking about you, don’t
Actually 97% of the Internet Marketers are failing in the online
business.  Sorry, I’m not trying to get anybody’s enthusiasm or
hopes down, just being truthful  and the truth shall set you FREE.
Only 3% of internet marketers make more money than the other 97%
Why is it so?
When I started my online career I was actually very much
enthusiastic in the beginning but.. I was very much frustrated when
I didn’t see any results and I became impatient.
I was tired of reading promises of fast and easy money, overnight
riches at the push of a button, 4 hour work weeks from the beach.
It simply ain’t so, unless, that is, you know how to.
How I cracked the code and finally started making money online?

Make money online requires a framework, a proper planned approach,
a structure, focus, commitment, a true mentor (Not any hype Guru’s
coaching program). When all these ingredients blend together, You
will become a HUGE success.
I did it. I understood what it takes. I learned what to do to help
me get there. It took a while. Now I’ve got it.
And you can have it, too. FREE! No charge. Because it is a crying
shame that all these gurus do is sit on it. They don’t tell us, and
what they sell us is mostly expensive rubbish. I spent plenty of
money on that. It has to stop.
That’s why I want you to get the low down free of charge HERE
But kindly make sure that you are not distracted while watching
this eye opening video training. I assure you it’s worth of your
May be the most informative coaching you will ever get on the
To your success
Sajan Elanthoor
“Your real purpose in life is to develop yourself. To successfully
do this you must always be working toward a goal.”
Bob Proctor
Author and Speaker

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