My Top Tier Business Review – Grab Your Free Mercedez Benz While Making Residual Income

by admin on March 29, 2014

My Top Tier Business/MOBE


There are plenty of information online about My Top Tier Business (MTTB), and if you’ve been spending a lot of time researching you’re probably back to where you started – nowhere. You’re confused because people say different things about this system, and it’s pretty hard to decide whom you should believe in.

But I’m here to set the records straight. This My Top Tier Business review is a No B.S. assessment of Matt Lloyd’s all-in-one system designed to help Internet Marketers succeed online.

I’m not going to exaggerate any information I will share with you here. Sure I’m an affiliate marketer but my goal is not to try and sell Matt Lloyd’s system just so I can earn a commission. That’s not how I do things, no sir.

I tell it like it is, no hyped up hard-selling just so I could squeeze in a few bucks from my readers. I don’t work that way which is why my readers trust me.

So, going back to My Top Tier Business review. Essentially, this system is like a one-stop-shop where Internet marketers like you and me who don’t have any time to build our own sales funnels and products, and take care of customer support while at the same time creating a fabulous website. I’ve seen how My Top Tier Business works myself and let me tell you, it’s one of the best automated systems out there and it does 80% of my work!

But before I talk about the benefits of My Top Tier Business, here is a run down on this system.

Matt Lloyd, MTTB, MOBE

Matt Lloyd is an Australian dude who started his IM venture at the young age of 21. He became successful quickly. Four years later he was already generating income of over $300K a month! Right now, his company My Top Tier Business (MTTB) & My Online Business Empire (MOBE) has generated more than $4,000,000 and it’s still growing!

My Online Business Empire (MOBE) is Lloyd’s original product line and it sells IM training. It’s also quite expensive, which is a good thing for affiliate marketers really because if you want to make good money online, you don’t sell products that cost $20 each, with a $10 commission on Clickbank. At that rate, how many sales would it take you to earn a six figure income a year? You’d have to sell at least 10,000 digital products a year or roughly 833 per month!

If you want to make good money, say $9,000 a month, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to achieve that by selling a higher priced product. If each sale gives you $1,000 in commission, for example, then that means you’d only need to sell 9 of these per month!

Now tell me, which is easier to achieve? Selling 833 cheap products or 9 expensive ones?

OK I can almost see your eyebrow raised at this point. You’re thinking, how can you actually convince anyone to buy a product that costs thousands of dollars. Well, you may not realize this but there are people who buy products that cost $5,000, $10,000 and yes even $20,000.

Matt had put together My Top Tier Business as a way to help people sell MOBE products as easily as possible. See, a lot of people in the IM business fail because they have no idea where and how to get started, how to get tons of traffic and how to increase their conversion rate. It’s hard enough to get people to your website, and it’s even near impossible to get them to buy what you’re selling. Right? Wrong.

That’s because Matt has created a system that will earn you thousands of dollars in commission. In fact, he’s very confident that this system will work that he even provided a guarantee.

If you don’t make your first $1,000 after following all his 21 steps, he will give you $500! I bet you can’t find this kind of guarantee anywhere else.

My Top Tier Business Benefits

  • You’ll get a 1-on-1 coaching from Top-Tier Business experts. Take note, these guys are the real experts and they make 6 figures a year.
  • You’ll have a dedicated sales team who will do the job of calling your leads and closing sales. Yep, you don’t have to be a Jordan Belfort to be able to sell anything! You have a high caliber sales team who will do this for you and they’re quite good at it too!
  • You’ll receive information products so you’ll be guided properly on what you need to do.
  • You’ll be given a fully automated sales funnel. All you have to do is drive traffic!

Plus, if you can sell even just 5 licenses per month, Matt Lloyd will even give you a Mercedes Benz, for FREE!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. That’s exactly why some people believe the MTTB to be a SCAM. Fact is, it’s not. It’s a legitimate system that has been proven to work, time and time again.

My Top Tier Business is a real working system and you have to pay for a license so you can use it. Think of it like buying a franchise. You want to own a McDonald’s you have to pay at least $750,000 for the franchise alone.

Granted, My Top Tier Business is not for everyone. It’s essentially for people who are 100% committed to making serious money online. If you’re content with a $10 commission, then that’s fine too.

Why MOBE Will Work for You

I’ve tested many business models online and I’ve also been helping some people build their businesses. If there’s one thing I can tell you right now, it’s that building a business entails a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS.

The advantage of MTTB is that nearly everything is done for you. Not only will you be given coaching and a strong sales team to close your sales, but you also leverage from Matt’s reputation. People know his system works.

Why try and build your own name and credibility when you can bank on Matt’s? With MTTB, you also don’t need to have any technical ability whatsoever. Everything’s easy to understand and implement.

Think of it as a cut and paste business.

How MOBE Works

If you want some idea of how My Top Tier Business works, let’s assume you purchase the license for $1,997 and paid the application fee of $49 to be an affiliate. There are 3 ways to make money:

1. Sell the license for $1,997. You earn a $1,000 commission.

2. Sell the Platinum Membership for $9,000 and you earn a $3,000 commission.

3. Sell the Titanium Membership for $15,000 and you earn a $5,000 commission.

A license gives a person the ability to sell other licenses. A Platinum Membership entitles the person to a 4 days and 3 nights seminar in a very awesome location. A Titanium Membership gives him/her a 6 days and 5 nights seminar in yet another awesome location.

My Top Tier Business Membership Inclusions

For just $49, you can have the following perks:

1. A fully set up franchise

You stand to make $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 per every sale you make. You get your own affiliate links, Analytics, emails to broadcast to your leads, etc.

2. Training system and coachingAs I mentioned earlier, you get a high earning coach to guide you through.

3. Calls, trainings and webinars

You’ll be able to listen to top earners of MTTB, and you also get a call from Matt Lloyd to discuss the future of MTTB.

4.  21 Step System

 A guide that’s totally easy to understand and follow.

5. 30 Day Traffic Plan

You will be given a plan that outlines paid and free traffic generating methods.

6. Funnel

You’ll be given access to the very same funnels that Matt uses himself.

 7. Phone sales team

 They’ll get you your sales. All you have to do is provide them your leads.

8. Customer service, merchant service, etc

Support, payouts, and others are all taken care of. Payouts for commission are given in 2 weeks.

9. Email follow up sequence

The 45 day follow up email sequence needs to be plugged into your auto responder.

10. Sales video for MTTB

 This 50-minute sales video will be played once someone signs up.

11. Others

Your email sequence system also has the capability to track what your leads are interested in and will modify its follow ups to keep them interested. It will also change and make up-sells once your prospects make a purchase.

My Personal Results

Now this is probably the part that interests you the most. I will share with you my own experience with My Top Tier Business.

IMO, My Top Tier Business is one of, if not the best, high ticket affiliate programs I have ever tried. But just so we’re clear, you’re not going to get rich overnight. Sure, everything’s set up for you but you still have to drive traffic, and that in itself is still going to require some work.

I’m averaging a thousand bucks a day with this system but that didn’t happen right away. Took me a couple of weeks and for awhile there, I almost thought of not pushing through with it. But I did anyway and here I am now, raking in lots of cash month after month.

$2,000 is a lot of money. I fully understand your hesitation. Many people have approached me and tell me their apprehensions about investing this much on a program.

Is My Top Tier Business Legit

Here’s the thing. Before buying the license I did a lot of research. I checked Matt Lloyd’s reputation and background, and found out as much as I could about his company. All of my research told me that investing on a MTTB license was a smart thing to do, and I was right.

The high barrier to entry might discourage many, but some people would be able to see its potential to help them make lots of money. Sure you could go on promoting newbie products that everyone else is promoting, and maybe, just maybe, you could sell 1-2 of these a day. But where does that lead you? Are you going to be driving your own brand new Mercedes convertible with the earnings you make from it?

I don’t think so.

It’s a matter of how high you set your goals and how far you’re willing to go, to get there. If you’re fine with making a few bucks a month, go ahead. Join the thousands of people doing that. They have big dreams but unfortunately they refuse to do what it takes to achieve those dreams.

Now if you want the lifestyle that many other people are making with My Top Tier Business, then you have to make a major decision. After all, the results are going to change your life in a MAJOR way. Just think about it. There are now people who are making $3,000 to $5,000 a day (EVERYDAY) with this system. If it worked for them, then with hard work, training and dedication, it will work for you too.

Most people see the $2,000 price tag as a problem. I see it as an opportunity. What about you?

If you’re looking for a full-proof system that will help you make a full time income online, then join My Top Tier Business.  It may very well be the rainbow bridge that will take you to the pot of gold you’ve been dreaming all your life. And you know what the best part is, you will have all the “armory” you need to make sure you get there!

Learn more about My Top Tier Business by putting your name and email below. Or if you’re ready to change your life for the better, then APPLY NOW!

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My Top Tier Business Bonus

When you join with me in MOBE and become a MOBE licensee you’ll get the following incredible bonuses.


Bonus 1 : 7 Days to 6 Days Bootcamp (Priceless, you’ll see why)

Bonus 2 : My Six Figure Membership Access ($1997 Value)

So if you want to grab the above bonuses (limited time only) do the below action steps.

Step 1 : Join with me in MOBE here

Step 2 : Finish All 21 Steps & write to me at sajanelanthoor@ so I will provide you the link to buy mobe license. VEY IMPORTANT or buy the mobe license from the below link and let me know.

Thank you and here ends my blog post for my top tier business review and bonus. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m just an email away:)

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