Profitable Niche-How To Decide Your Niche?

by admin on November 17, 2012

how to choose a profitable niche to promote

Picking up a niche is very crucial because this is the first real process and the foundation stone to build a business online. I suggest, pick a niche that you’ve some passion and interest on it, this is because, it’ll be impossible or frustrating to promote something you really don’t like or don’t  have much interest on it. It’s rather difficult to convince customers to buy your product or service when you yourself don’t have the heart to take interest in it.

The opening move to selecting a niche that’s correct for you is to consider the issues and subject matter that you’re most passionate about! By being passionate about a certain matter, you’ll be motivated to learn more about it, teach other people about it, and work in it on a daily basis.

The biggest mistake that most of the newbies make is, they choose a niche thinking that other people will be interested in, but deep inside in their mind, they really have no interest in it themselves. So, make sure whatever niche you pick is that which you’ve a great interest in.

Having mention that, the other very important thing you must consider while choosing a niche is, see whether the niche is profitable or not. How do you know that whether the niche is profitable or not?

How To Select A Niche To Promote

The evergreen niches for all times are

  1. Make money online/Internet Marketing
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Relationships

The above niches are Evergreen and desperate. Their problem is causing them niche selection tipsSERIOUS physical and emotional pain. They are highly motivated and willing to spend money on it.

You don’t have to convince them more to buy, they are desperate need of it and they need they need to.

For someone who desperately wants to reduce weight, you don’t want to convince them too much, they know how much it hurts, and they will catch your product instantly if you position your offer correctly.

Once you selected your niche considering your passion and profitability, the next step is to dig your niche little deeper to laser target your audience. Let me explain why?

Suppose if you chose health and fitness niche, which is a mass market and the competition is very huge including the big corporate giants. What you want to do is to narrow down the niche little bit more and find a narrow category inside the niche.

  • Big Market
    • Health and Fitness
  • General Big Market Niche
    • Weight Loss
  • Narrow Niche
    • Weight Loss for Women
    • Weight Loss for Men
    • Weight Loss for Teenagers
    • Weight Loss for Diabetics
  • Laser-Focused Niche
    • weight loss for brides
    • weight loss for pregnant women
    • weight loss for women over 50
    • post-pregnancy weight loss
    • weight loss for diabetic women
    • weight loss for women who need to lose more than 50 lbs

I hope, you got the point now. You’ve to select the laser focused niche in orderideas for niche selection to serve them better as well as to stand out from the mass competitors.

… your audience reach decreases — but your ability to really zero-in and understand the specific wants, needs, fears, frustrations and challenges of an audience, is greatly increased.

The more narrow and specific you target-the better your ability to target, connect, understand your audience.

I’ve seen many internet marketers struggling online because they target the broad market and in too wide. Trying to please everyone won’t work.

It’s always BETTER to go more narrow than too wide … and then IGNORE EVERYONE ELSE!

So find out a narrow, laser focused niche market, and put yourself in their shoes and see from their perception of what they really need, what they desperate about, what is their actual problem and see how can you can be an expert in that field.

If you get your niche right — half your work is done. Half the battle is won. Everything is easier after that.

So it’s time to decide your some investigation..and rock

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