Starting Your Email Marketing In Four Minutes With Aweber

by admin on December 1, 2012

  1. Login to your Aweber account
  2. Click on “Create and Manage Lists” (as shown in the below picture)
  3. Click on “Create A New List”how to create a new list in aweber
  4. Give a name to your list in the “List Name” field. Short description about your list in  “List Description”. “from” Name – enter the name as you like, it can be your name, your organization name, your pen name or anything you like. It will show to people when they receive your email. For example, the below is one of the emails I got in my gmail inbox

    from email in aweber

  5. So whatever you put on “From” Name field, will appear to people who receive your email. In order to stand out from the crowd, you can put “*” or “–” before and after the name, like shown in the picture below.
  6. Scroll down little bit, now you can “Notifications”. Enter your Name and Email address in the columns provided there. This will enable you to receive a notification in the given email address, whenever a new subscriber added to your list. Click “Add” and “Save Settings”get notification from aweber
  7. As we finished the basic settings (make sure you click on “Save Settings” before going to the next step, else you’ll have to enter all the information again. Alright, now click on “Personalize Your List”personalize your list in aweber
  8. Now look into “Company Branding”, and fill out your company name/your name, website url, and branding in aweber
  9. Scroll down and you can see “Social Media/Sharing” where you can integrate your broadcast archive with Twitter/Facebook. This will enable you to publish your broadcasts directly into twitter and facebook for maximum media sharing in aweberSo let’s connect with Twitter first, for that click on “Connect With Twitter” and it will take you a page where you can enter your Twitter login id and password to allow aweber to tweet on behalf of you, whenever required. Enter login and password and click “Authorize app” button.

    authorize twitter in aweber

    If you already logged into your twitter account, you may see this instead of the above.

    Click authorize app button. This will take you back to List settings page of aweber. Look on the Social media sharing section again where you can see your twitter account.

    If you would like aweber to tweet all your broadcasts from this list, you can click on “make default” button. You can disable it later, if you don’t want to tweet for any particular broadcast. Also note that, each list can have it’s own default account.Now, if you want to publish your broadcast into facebook automatically, you can click the option “Connect with Facebook’ and follow the steps.

  10. Scroll down and click on save settings.
  11. Now, scroll back up and select “Confirmed Opt-In”confirmed opt-in
    If you need single opt-in, you can click “OFF” and if you like double opt-in you don’t want to do anything as the default option is “ON”. Single opt-in means, whenever somebody opt-in to your list, they will automatically added to your list, on the other hand if you choose “double opt-in” when somebody added to your list, they have to confirm again  by clicking the confirmation link which was being  sent to their email.Now, if you are still confused about whether to select single opt-in or double opt-in, I urge you to go through one of threads in warrior forum, where experienced warriors shared their point of view about this, and I’m damn sure it will help you to decide whether to go for single opt-in or double opt-in. Here is the link you decide to choose single opt-in, click on or in case of double opt-in, you have to modify your confirmation message given there.O.k let’s continue assuming that you’ll go with single opt-in, click on “OFF” as shown below.

    As soon as you click on the single opt-in “OFF” option, the below pop up will appear. Click at “Yes”

  12. Finally click on save settings. Contrary if you’ve chosen double opt-in, you’ve to provide the success page URL which is nothing but a webpage where you want to your subscriber to go, once they confirm the opt-in.Congratulation you’re done with the list settings. You can be proud of it because you’ve just learned something many of the marketers don’t know. You’re now one step ahead than them.

Video-How To Setup Your List in Aweber

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