How To Turn PLR Into An Info Marketing Business?

by admin on February 24, 2018

Many people have tried to use PLR to set up an info marketing business before and failed miserably. This is because they have made a number of common mistakes. We do not want you to make the same mistakes so please read on to find out what to do and what not to do.

PLR Mistakes that you must avoid

Low quality PLR
Let’s face it there is a lot of cheap and nasty PLR out there. Have you purchased any of this kind of content? If you have then you will have probably spent a great deal of time editing the content so that it is usable. The whole point of purchasing PLR in the first place is to save you time. You should not have to do this.

There are people that will just put this low quality content on their blogs, use it for lead magnets and even create eBooks that they sell around this poor quality material. Their info businesses do not succeed and they wonder why.

Only accept the highest quality PLR. It is out there and it is well worth spending a few extra dollars on. You will be using the PLR as a foundation for your business, so don’t accept anything that is low quality. No disrespect to anyone intended, but PLR written by a person that is not a native English speaker rarely turns out well.

We have all seen poor quality PLR with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes and very little substance. Put yourself in your customer’s or email subscriber’s shoes here. They do not want to read this kind of low quality content. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t like reading the PLR then nobody else will either.

Using the Sales Page provided with the PLR.

This is what all the lazy people do. Most PLR will have a sales page where you can just add your name and a PayPal buy button and you can host the page to sell the PLR product. Then all you have to do is drive targeted traffic to the page to make sales. So what’s the problem with this?

Well the first thing is that many other people will have purchased the PLR package and will be doing exactly the same thing. If customers do a Google search for the product they will probably find many examples of the same product.

If this is the case you will find yourself in a price war. If your price for the product is higher than other people’s then you will not make any sales. If your PLR is in the make money online niche then potential customers are savvy, and they will know that you are selling PLR and can find it cheaper elsewhere. If you do not have an email list and you are just trying to sell then you will not be developing your business. You need some way to capture the email addresses of visitors and customers so that you can communicate with them again.

Just driving traffic to sales pages like this will not help you to build up your authority. People will not know who you are even if they buy from you. They are not going to remember your name on the PLR sales page.

If you already have an email list then you can use this for traffic generation alongside other methods such as social traffic, SEO, solo ads, videos and ad swaps. You need to be selling high quality PLR here because if any of your email subscribers make a purchase and the PLR is poor then your reputation is likely to be damaged.

When you are selling digital products it is always best to enlist the support of affiliates to make more sales for you. If you are just selling the standard PLR eBook etc then you will not find many affiliates (if any) that will be interested in working with you on this. This is a big disadvantage as affiliates can bring you in much more business than you ever could on your own.
When you purchase PLR it is unlikely that you will receive the entire sales funnel. If this is the case then you will have to spend time creating the elements that are missing. If you are directing new email subscribers to your PLR funnel then you will need a good squeeze page and a one time only (OTO) offer page and product to upsell.

The biggest drawback with just using the standard PLR sales page pack is that people can quickly work out that it is PLR and this will drive the price down. PLR products have a very low market value and it is not uncommon for a high quality PLR package to sell for as little as $5. How many packages would you need to sell to achieve your financial goals?

While you can develop a business using standard PLR packages and taking the lazy way out it is not ideal. You will be doing little to add to your credibility and authority and if people do not like the PLR because it does not answer their specific questions then you will have problems around the corner. You can lose a lot of hard earned email subscribers by doing this.

So the advantages of this classic PLR sales page model are that it is easy to get going and requires very little work and investment. All you need is a domain name, hosting and a payment processor such as PayPal.

The disadvantages are that people in the know will see that you are selling PLR and you will instantly go down in their estimation. Any trust that you have built up with them diminishes and this will be very hard to get back.

You need to get out of the lazy mindset of making money online. The days are gone where you could slap up any old low quality sales page for a low quality product and make a lot of money. You need to focus on developing your business and have the patience to do this over time.

Create a Marketing Plan.

One of the secrets of turning high quality PLR into a solid digital info business is to have a good marketing plan. You need to know how you are going to market and who you are going to market to.

You need to develop a unique selling point (USP) for your business. What is it that sets you apart from the rest? You also need a good marketing communication strategy and this must include the building of an email list.

Building alliances is also essential for success. Recruiting affiliates needs to be in your plan as does finding a number of joint venture (JV) partners that you can work with. If you are in the make money online niche then these should be straight forward to find, but there will be a lot of competition.
In terms of who you will be selling to decide on your target market are you going to sell directly to consumers? Or maybe directly to businesses? Or people that buy information products to learn? There are many options here.

Also in your marketing plan you need to define what you are actually going to promote. Will you be selling digital products or physical products or both? How many products and different streams of income do you want to set up and by when?

So where does High Quality PLR fit in?

You may be wondering at this point where high quality PLR fits into all of this. Well with this development model you will be using high quality PLR as the raw material to create your products. You need to be prepared to put some work in here (and possibly some investment) as you are going to repurpose the PLR and truly make it unique and your own.

By taking this approach you can use PLR for the foundation, but your end products will be very different from the original PLR. When you do this the products will be truly yours and you can use them to develop your authority in the market.

With a unique set of products it will be a lot easier for you to recruit affiliates and find good JV partners. This has the potential to really skyrocket your business as these alliances are likely to bring in far more business than you can working alone.

The problem with a lot of PLR, even if it is of high quality, is that it does not answer all of the questions that people have in the niche. It tends to be more general in nature and is useful to provide a good grounding in a topic.

So we recommend that you look to break up the PLR and find out what specific questions people have in these different categories. Let’s assume that you have purchased a high quality PLR package about Internet marketing. This is a big subject and by breaking down each category in the PLR you can create several different products.
So you could have a product for choosing the right niche, a product for setting up your online identity through a domain name, hosting and a well themed website, a product for traffic, a product for list building and email marketing and so on.

There is nothing much new in Information Products – Just answer the Questions

There are people that create books and other digital products in certain niches that contain absolutely no new information. Some of these books are best sellers so there is plenty of opportunity for you.

Look for any best selling self development books and you will find that the strategies are virtually the same in all of them. The author will put their own spin on the techniques which is where the value lies. It can make a real difference the way that the application of a self help strategy is explained, in order for you do it right and get the most from it.

What is really important is that you answer key questions that the niche is asking. If you can do that then you will be streets ahead of the rest. Where do you find these questions? On forums, on social media and at offline events. If a business wants to know how to promote their business using social media then you need to find out what answers they require.

It is all about giving them what they want. If you can answer the questions that others are avoiding then you are on to a winner. So do your research in the right places. In Internet Marketing choosing the right niche is essential for success. So what questions do people have about choosing the right niche for example?

Once you have a list of the most troubling questions you can research the answers if you don’t know them. You are now ready to create your product that will answer the right questions and have a high value perception by the reader.

How to Repurpose your PLR content

You will be breaking up your PLR into different products so you will not require the original title. You will need to come up with new titles for your new products. There is no requirement for the PLR graphics either and you will need to have new ones created.

You will need base material for your products and that is where your high quality PLR will help. Go through the relevant section and decide on which paragraphs you will use. Rewrite these paragraphs so that they are totally unique. Then add your questions and answers and your product is nearly complete.

These days’ video products are more popular than eBooks. People like to watch “how to” videos to learn new things and solve their problems. You can easily use your high quality PLR to create slides that will form the basis of your videos.

The important thing with your re purposing efforts is that you end up with unique content that you can put your name to and really call your own. This content is not available anywhere else – only from you. By answering those difficult questions you will really be adding value and people will come back for more.

When you offer your new products to your email list none of them will know that you used PLR as a basis for it. As far as they will be concerned it is yours and unique. This will go a long way to build your trust and credibility.

You need to have patience to build your info marketing business using high quality PLR as a foundation. When you first market your new products you might not make many sales but do not let this put you off the idea.

Launch your second product pretty soon after the first. New customers for this product will learn about your first product and some will buy this as well. When you carry this on into future product releases then you create a snowball effect and your overall sales will rise.

You need to be committed to answering the right questions and quality. Providing value and quality is not negotiable. When you do this you will find that a lot of your buyers will purchase anything that you launch in the future.

Start off by purchasing the highest quality PLR. You can find an example of this here =>

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